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has nothing to do with plans for the administration of

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Fragment #5 -- Servius on Vergil, Aen. iv. 484: Hesiod says that these Hesperides.... ....daughters of Night, guarded the golden apples beyond Ocean: `Aegle and Erythea and ox-eyed Hesperethusa.' (1)

has nothing to do with plans for the administration of

Fragment #6 -- Plato, Republic, iii. 390 E: `Gifts move the gods, gifts move worshipful princes.'

has nothing to do with plans for the administration of

Fragment #7 -- (2) Clement of Alexandria, Strom. v. p. 256: `On the seventh day again the bright light of the sun....'

has nothing to do with plans for the administration of

Fragment #8 -- Apollonius, Lex. Hom.: `He brought pure water and mixed it with Ocean's streams.'

Fragment #9 -- Stephanus of Byzantium: `Aspledon and Clymenus and god-like Amphidocus.' (sons of Orchomenus).

Fragment #10 -- Scholiast on Pindar, Nem. iii. 64: `Telemon never sated with battle first brought light to our comrades by slaying blameless Melanippe, destroyer of men, own sister of the golden-girdled queen.'

ENDNOTES: (1) Cf. Scholion on Clement, "Protrept." i. p. 302. (2) This line may once have been read in the text of "Works and Days" after l. 771.

(ll. 1-9) For some say, at Dracanum; and some, on windy Icarus; and some, in Naxos, O Heaven-born, Insewn (2); and others by the deep-eddying river Alpheus that pregnant Semele bare you to Zeus the thunder-lover. And others yet, lord, say you were born in Thebes; but all these lie. The Father of men and gods gave you birth remote from men and secretly from white-armed Hera. There is a certain Nysa, a mountain most high and richly grown with woods, far off in Phoenice, near the streams of Aegyptus.


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