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of much, and yet putting questions to those possessed of

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Fragment #6 -- Scholiast on Homer, Il. xxiv. 24: `Slayer of Argus'. According to Hesiod's tale he (Hermes) slew (Argus) the herdsman of Io.

of much, and yet putting questions to those possessed of

Fragment #7 -- Athenaeus, xi. p. 503: And the author of the "Aegimius", whether he is Hesiod or Cercops of Miletus (says): `There, some day, shall be my place of refreshment, O leader of the people.'

of much, and yet putting questions to those possessed of

Fragment #8 -- Etym. Gen.: Hesiod (says there were so called) because they settled in three groups: `And they all were called the Three-fold people, because they divided in three the land far from their country.' For (he says) that three Hellenic tribes settled in Crete, the Pelasgi, Achaeans and Dorians. And these have been called Three-fold People.

of much, and yet putting questions to those possessed of

(1) sc. the golden fleece of the ram which carried Phrixus and Helle away from Athamas and Ino. When he reached Colchis Phrixus sacrificed the ram to Zeus. (2) Euboea properly means the `Island of fine Cattle (or Cows)'.

Fragment #1 -- Diogenes Laertius, viii. 1. 26: (1) `So Urania bare Linus, a very lovely son: and him all men who are singers and harpers do bewail at feasts and dances, and as they begin and as they end they call on Linus....'

Clement of Alexandria, Strom. i. p. 121: `....who was skilled in all manner of wisdom.'

Fragment #2 -- Scholiast on Homer, Odyssey, iv. 232: `Unless Phoebus Apollo should save him from death, or Paean himself who knows the remedies for all things.'

Fragment #3 -- Clement of Alexandria, Protrept, c. vii. p. 21: `For he alone is king and lord of all the undying gods, and no other vies with him in power.'


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