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Tsze-yu being governor of Wu-ch’ang, the Master said

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Scholiast on Homer, Il. ii. 522: `which from Lilaea spouts forth its sweet flowing water....'

Tsze-yu being governor of Wu-ch’ang, the Master said

Strabo, ix. 424: `....And which flows on by Panopeus and through fenced Glechon and through Orchomenus, winding like a snake.'

Tsze-yu being governor of Wu-ch’ang, the Master said

Fragment #27 -- Scholiast on Homer, Il. vii. 9: For the father of Menesthius, Areithous was a Boeotian living at Arnae; and this is in Boeotia, as also Hesiod says.

Tsze-yu being governor of Wu-ch’ang, the Master said

Fragment #28 -- Stephanus of Byzantium: Onchestus: a grove (26). It is situate in the country of Haliartus and was founded by Onchestus the Boeotian, as Hesiod says.

Fragment #29 -- Stephanus of Byzantium: There is also a plain of Aega bordering on Cirrha, according to Hesiod.

Fragment #30 -- Apollodorus, ii. 1.1.5: But Hesiod says that Pelasgus was autochthonous.

Fragment #31 -- Strabo, v. p. 221: That this tribe (the Pelasgi) were from Arcadia, Ephorus states on the authority of Hesiod; for he says: `Sons were born to god- like Lycaon whom Pelasgus once begot.'

Fragment #32 -- Stephanus of Byzantium: Pallantium. A city of Arcadia, so named after Pallas, one of Lycaon's sons, according to Hesiod.


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