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it learn the other three, I do not repeat my lesson.”

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Fragment #71 -- Pausanias, i. 43. 1: I know that Hesiod in the "Catalogue of Women" represented that Iphigeneia was not killed but, by the will of Artemis, became Hecate (48).

it learn the other three, I do not repeat my lesson.”

Fragment #72 -- Eustathius, Hom. 13. 44. sq: Butes, it is said, was a son of Poseidon: so Hesiod in the "Catalogue".

it learn the other three, I do not repeat my lesson.”

Fragment #73 -- Pausanias, ii. 6. 5: Hesiod represented Sicyon as the son of Erechtheus.

it learn the other three, I do not repeat my lesson.”

Fragment #74 -- Plato, Minos, p. 320. D: `(Minos) who was most kingly of mortal kings and reigned over very many people dwelling round about, holding the sceptre of Zeus wherewith he ruled many.'

Fragment #75 -- Hesychius (49): The athletic contest in memory of Eurygyes Melesagorus says that Androgeos the son of Minos was called Eurygyes, and that a contest in his honour is held near his tomb at Athens in the Ceramicus. And Hesiod writes: `And Eurygyes (50), while yet a lad in holy Athens...'

Fragment #76 -- Plutarch, Theseus 20: There are many tales.... about Ariadne...., how that she was deserted by Theseua for love of another woman: `For strong love for Aegle the daughter of Panopeus overpowered him.' For Hereas of Megara says that Peisistratus removed this verse from the works of Hesiod.

Athenaeus (51), xiii. 557 A: But Hesiod says that Theseus wedded both Hippe and Aegle lawfully.

Fragment #77 -- Strabo, ix. p. 393: The snake of Cychreus: Hesiod says that it was brought up by Cychreus, and was driven out by Eurylochus as defiling the island, but that Demeter received it into Eleusis, and that it became her attendant.


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